Bhuvaneshwari Devi Poduval shares glamorous photoshoot pictures


Bhuvaneshwari Devi Phuduwal is a girl who came to the modeling from a small village called Tiruvallamala in Thrissur district. Bhuvaneswari, who works in many fields like mid-size model, influencer, assistant director and make-up artist, is quick to share pictures, videos and stories with her fans. Bhuvaneswari is a girl who inspires us all to accept our bodies and love our bodies, be it fat or thin, regardless of size zero. The highlight of Bhuvaneshwari who loves her body so much is her feet-length hair.

she has said that if you cut your hair so long, you can style your hair in many ways. But she loves the hair that has been with him for 13 years. Bhuvaneshwari entered the modeling field in 2014. At first she had a very thin body. Later came changes in lifestyle, started traveling and eating many variety of foods. That’s when the body started to change. Weight gain started. When I gained weight in a good way, I could not get work. Each of them rejected her by saying that she was overweight and fat.

When everyone started rejecting him, she was very mentally disturbed. That’s how I thought about doing weight loss surgery. But the actor backed out of it when she realized that the surgery was a very long process. Then he saw a doctor and checked why she was putting on weight so quickly. Thus, it was understood that excessive weight gain is due to the gradual increase in certain hormones in the body.

Later life was on the diet prescribed by the doctor. And so began a healthy life again. Bhubaneswari has a family that is very supportive at any stage. My parents think that my daughter is beautiful no matter how much she puts on weight. The actor also says that their support has brought him to this level. Now the fans are taking the new photoshoot pictures shared by the actor on social media.


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